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* ''[[Dorchester Pot]]'', Caitlin Bierema
* ''[[Dorchester Pot]]'', Caitlin Bierema
*''[[Wondjina Petroglyphs]]'', Hunter Smith
* ''[[Wondjina Petroglyphs]]'', Hunter Smith
* ''[[Los Lunas Decalogue Stone]]'', Mia Pardel
* ''[[Los Lunas Decalogue Stone]]'', Mia Pardel

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From Atlantis to prehistoric extra terrestrials. From the mummy’s curse to psychic archaeology. The public imagination is filled with images of archaeology that range from the incredibly absurd to the downright disturbing. The Fake Archaeology Wiki is an ongoing collaborative project by the students of ANP 364: Pseudoarchaeology, a class taught in the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University. The purpose of the project is to survey people, sites, and artifacts that are woven into the narrative of pseudoarchaeology and pseudoarchaeologists, exploring how any why these ideas emerged and took root in popular culture, public consciousness, and on the fringe of rational scholarly inquiry. More importantly, the Fake Archaeology Wiki explores the impact they have on our rational and scientific understanding of the past and human culture.

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Is The Fake Archaeology Wiki Open to Public Contributions?

Given that The Fake Archaeology Wiki is a work of student scholarship, it is currently not open for contributions (either articles or discussion) by those not enrolled in ANP 364: Pseudoarchaeology. It's possible that this may change in the future. However, given the subject matter of the wiki, there is a high probability that if it was opened to contributions by the general public, bad actors and trolls would immediately spam the site. There may be a point in the future where we can balance the need to protect students from likely hateful rhetoric with the desire to have open dialog and rich public engagement (the wiki is a work of public engagement, after all). However, for now, things remain locked down.

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