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Main Heading

To add headers, you place equal signs around the text. To make the "main heading" I placed two equal signs on each side of the text (i.e. ==Main Heading==)

Secondary Heading: Section Header

Secondary heading was made with three equal signs (i.e. ===Secondary Heading===)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi diam elit, aliquet ac molestie quis, maximus ac lacus. Proin convallis dolor eros, id sollicitudin libero interdum id. Fusce a magna urna. Morbi lacinia vestibulum leo eu elementum. Integer ut feugiat eros. Nam laoreet dignissim sagittis. Nulla pretium odio odio, non fermentum felis volutpat vitae. Ut vel arcu nec diam imperdiet efficitur sed a elit.

Sub-Section Header

Sub-Section heading was made with four equal signs (i.e. ====Sub-Section Header====)

Nam convallis arcu sed ex iaculis finibus. Sed euismod consectetur sapien nec blandit. Sed pretium lorem sollicitudin lobortis vulputate. Proin quis lorem turpis. Duis volutpat purus ac justo gravida rutrum. Phasellus vehicula ex ante, at lacinia nibh placerat quis. Duis tincidunt ex in hendrerit dictum. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Quisque condimentum elit ut libero lobortis, ac mollis est egestas.

Sub-Sub-Section Header

Sub-Sub-Section heading was made with five equal signs (i.e. =====Sub-Sub-Section Header=====)

Integer rutrum imperdiet scelerisque. Donec nec erat orci. Curabitur eu pharetra orci, bibendum efficitur dui. Fusce congue, purus eget eleifend pharetra, arcu tellus feugiat enim, viverra condimentum enim risus a lectus. Quisque imperdiet elit et dui dictum, ut sagittis ante imperdiet. Fusce vel pellentesque orci, a eleifend magna. Nullam blandit risus vel mauris lacinia, quis semper neque auctor. Duis non luctus arcu, nec tristique tortor.


Examples of text formatting:

italic - use two apostrophe marks surrounding the word or section to italize. For Example: ''italic'

bold - use three apostrophe marks surrounding the word or section to bold. For Example: '''bold'''

bold & italic - use five apostrophe marks surrounding the word or section to bold and italicize. For Example: '''''bold & italic'''''

How to make a Numbered List:

  1. Start each line
  2. with a number sign (#).
    1. More number signs give deeper
      1. and deeper
      2. levels.
  3. Line breaks
    don't break levels.
      1. But jumping levels creates empty space.
  4. Blank lines
  1. end the list and start another.

Any other start also ends the list.

How to make a Bulleted List:

  • Start each line
  • with an asterisk (*).
    • More asterisks give deeper
      • and deeper levels.
  • Line breaks
    don't break levels.
      • But jumping levels creates empty space.

Any other start ends the list.

  • combine bullet list
    • with definition
- definition
    • creates empty space
  • combine bullet list
    • with definition
    - definition
    • without empty spaces
  • bullet list
- definition
  • sublist that doesn't create empty
  • spaces after definition

How to add a block quote

Text before

Blockquote -- use the tags <blockquote>blockquote text</blockquote> to do this.

Text after

Adding External Links

You can either put the web address itself (i.e. http://anthropology.msu.edu/anp364-fs17/ like http://anthropology.msu.edu/anp364-fs17/) or you can add a link with a description (i.e. Pseudoarchaeology Class Website like [http://anthropology.msu.edu/anp364-fs17/ Pseudoarchaeology Class Website]

Adding Footnotes and Reference Section

MediaWiki Resource: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Cite

Use two HTML-style tags to define and show footnoes <ref>, <references />


Single use footnotes are defined by enclosing content within the <ref>...</ref>, e.g.: <ref>content</ref> tags.

For Example: Watrall spoke about llamas[1].

A footnote used mulitple times may be defined with a name: <ref name="Watrall">content</ref>.

For Example: Watrall[2] spoke about his research...

To invoke a named footnote: <ref name="Watrall" />

<references />

To display the reference list, after some or all of the ref tags, include <references />

  1. Full llamas source
  2. Watrall Full Citation

Adding Images

MediaWiki Source: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Images

How to add images: [[File:example.jpg| this is where you type your caption that appears when you hover over the image]]

this is where you type your caption

You can also add frames and borders: see the MediaWiki for code

To align image: put "left, right, or center": [[File:example.jpg|center|100px|caption]]

align center caption
CAPTION:aligned right caption
CAPTION:aligned left caption